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                       Campaña por la Solidaridad con la Libertad de los Cubanos.

Once acciones concretas de aislamiento al régimen

El Movimiento Cristiano Liberación ha iniciado una campaña por la condena y el aislamiento internacional de la dictadura cubana. Consideramos que la comunidad internacional debe responder enérgicamente ante la represión desatada por el régimen cubano. Por eso es necesario una fuerte condena pública de la dictadura.

Pero creemos que estas necesarias declaraciones de condena no son suficientes para hacerle saber a la junta militar en el poder en Cuba, que la comunidad internacional no va a tolerar la impunidad de la dictadura. Por eso se necesitan también medidas concretas de aislamiento internacional, como las implantadas al régimen del apartheid de Sudáfrica.


Proponemos que hasta que la dictadura libere incondicionalmente a todos los detenidos por participar en las manifestaciones pacíficas y a todos los presos políticos y de conciencia, y celebre elecciones libres y plurales:

-          Se excluya la participación del régimen de Cuba en todos los foros, cumbres y eventos internacionales

-          Se investigue y condene  a Cuba en el marco del Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU por sus violaciones.

-          Se suspendan todos los acuerdos de cooperación económica y militar con la dictadura cubana, como por ejemplo el Acuerdo entre la UE y Cuba.

-          No se otorguen líneas de créditos al régimen cubano

-          Se desestimule la inversión extranjera y el turismo internacional hacia Cuba

-          Se realice un boicot a los productos exportados desde Cuba, directamente por el régimen o a través  de compañías extranjeras asociadas a la tiranía.

-          Se decrete un embargo internacional de armas y equipamiento represivo a Cuba

-          Se suprima la participación de Cuba de todos los eventos deportivos, culturales y académicos internacionales

-          No se otorguen o se revoquen visas a funcionarios de la junta político-militar y sus familiares así como a los miembros del Partido Comunista de Cuba y a todos los miembros de las organizaciones e instituciones  que apoyen o participen en los actos represivos contra el pueblo.

-          Se faciliten canales de envío para la ayuda humanitaria como parte de esta campaña de aislamiento al régimen y en solidaridad con el pueblo cubano.

-          Se cree una comisión internacional de apoyo a la democracia en Cuba, que promueva la ejecución  de estas y otra medidas, y vele por el cumplimiento de las mismas.

El Movimiento Cristiano Liberación invita a los gobiernos y parlamentos de todos los países amantes de la libertad, a las instituciones internacionales, y a toda persona de buena voluntad a hacer suya esta campaña por la solidaridad con la libertad de los cubanos.

Todos cubanos, todos hermanos, y ahora, la libertad.

27 de Julio 2021

A  nombre del Movimiento Cristiano Liberación

Eduardo Cardet Concepción, Coordinador Nacional

Antonio Díaz Sánchez, Secretario General

Regis Iglesias Ramírez, Portavoz


For Farruko:


On August 13, I got up early, picked up the phone and went to work. When I got back there was a police patrol almost in front of my house door, but I didn't think it was for me. When I went up the stairs there were two men waiting for me and they asked me if I was Jonathan. I said yes and they showed me a DTI (Technical Investigation Department) identification. The only thing I asked them was if I could go up to my room to put on my shoes as I was wearing flip flops. I went upstairs, put on my shoes, and look at my mother who bursts into tears.

My mom turned to them and asked if it was quick, they said yes. I said goodbye to my grandmother, my wife who was pregnant at the time and lastly I gave my mother my blessing. I went downstairs and they put me in the patrol car taking me to the DTI in Acosta. There they started showing me videos. I said it wasn't me and was insulted. I was without handcuffs and they put the handcuffs on me by squeezing them very tightly. I was sitting, kept saying I wasn't the one from the footage and they kept pushing me out of the chair. They handcuffed me and hung me tiptoe on the fence. Every time I moved and hit the fence, the handcuffs got tighter and tighter. They again herded me back into the patrol car and took me to the Aguilera Police Station. I saw my mother kept crying, I gave her a little kiss and they took me upstairs. After a while they took me down to my cell before I handed over everything I had upstairs. After spending a day there, everyone in the cell left and I was left alone.

That night they transferred me to another cell and a friend of mine came who is like my brother. They brought it for the same reasons they brought me. That night we started calling the guards and they didn't come; we kept shouting but they didn't come; Until they approached very annoyed at being disturbed. That day it seems that there was no water. We couldn't take a bath. The next day I started calling the guard to see if I could talk to my mom so she would know about me so she wouldn't worry. I couldn't call her. I started beating and they took him and me out of that cell and put us in another one. That day they didn't give me the mattress to sleep on.

In the morning, my teeth also ached from not washing my mouth and my body ached from sleeping on bare concrete. Later, the next day, or I think that day, they took me to the technician Acosta. Acosta's first day I was fine, nothing but the day a guard stopped in front of me and said, in the same vein, "Do you want to see how I give you a cookie?" I told him yes, I thought he was playing and he entered. I had never trusted him to play. He opened the gate, took off his shirt and gave me a cookie please. He took it, came out and after a while they took me outside to talk to me because they found out I was one of the slingshots, as they say. It was so that I would not tell my mother. There they gave the phone whenever they felt like it. Until they took me to the Western Youth Prison.

Here in the cape they started giving me ear pain with time. One day at night, humor began to pour out of my ear and they began to call the guard. We had to start yelling and when they came they told me why would they take me down to the medicine cabinet if there weren't any meds. They left, continued to give me pain and called them again. They came ​​after a while, they took down my first aid kit and there was nothing. I went upstairs and the next day the rehabilitation brought me some drops. He himself told me that there was no one in prison, but there was no doctor either.

I don't know what's in the water here, but it's made people vomit with blood and diarrhea. Thank God he didn't give me any of that. People passed out and didn't take the first aid kit apart because there was nothing there.

Over time they moved me to company 5. There in my cubicle one day they got in trouble and took everyone out. They told us to find out and I didn't want to. They killed me with biscuits and kicks on the ground. I didn't want to tell my mother anything so she wouldn't worry, until during the visit she saw the scratches on my neck. They found out what my mother was like, and like me, nothing else happened.

I'm writing you this letter because you are my favorite artist, Farruko, and I'm telling you everything I've been through just to claim my freedom. I wish you would support me and tell my truth to the world. I respect and admire you very much, I want you to be my godfather.

Jonathan Torres-Farrat

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